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Extracts of reviews for Stroking The Air:

'There is a clarity and honesty about the poems that lifts them above fads and fashions'...
Brian Patten

'Accessible without being prosaic, moving without being mawkish, it offers interesting perspectives on life... and her candour is disarming. Her contexts are refreshingly open-aired and subtly optimistic...Hulme has a slightly different angle on the usual subjects...An individual voice'...
R V Bailey, Envoi

'A beautiful book of stark, sparse and direct poems. Much like Richard Brautigan's mid-period poems full of angst and unrequited love and yet having that atmosphere of a tender moment that made it all worthwhile. As with Mr B. when you get to the end you'll just want to go back and read it all again. The powerful draw of the writing makes you need to 'be there'. Superb! '...
Andy Robson, Krax Magazine

'The work of Eileen Carney Hulme is a fresh addition to the arena of contemporary poetry, having breezed its way around much of the small press circuit. Her work is fresh and airy, tinged with romance and even in sadness she finds joy. It is refreshingly uplifting and poignant, capturing the heart of her relationship with life and love'...
Ian Deal, poet and editor of A Bard Hair Day, The Poet Tree and ImageNation

'Eileen Carney Hulme's work is crisply observant while retaining a spiritual essence that touches the natural landscape within the sensitive reader'...
Martin Holroyd, Poetry Monthly

'The poetry is uncomplicated yet profound, delving deep into emotions of sadness, love, pathos and joy. The poetry is written with such a lightness of touch that her lines seem to drift off the page and into the reader's thoughts without any apparent effort'...
Peter Tomlinson, Reach Magazine

'I do not think you will be disappointed in any way because the poetic voice is there....'
Dial 174

'There is a sense of movement and clarity in these poems'...
Purple Patch

Stroking the Air, first edition original cover,
printed by Bluechrome Publishing in 2005.
Now available to buy from Central Books.
Since the publication of her first collection, the work of Eileen Carney Hulme has continued to be published regularly in a number of small press poetry magazines including Poetry Scotland, Envoi, Reach Poetry, Poetry Cornwall and The Dawntreader.
You can read more about Eileen and her work on the following website: poetry pf.
If you would like to read about her latest poetry competition successes please visit the news page here.